Where should I live?

Updated: Mar 9

Choosing where to live can be stressful for someone new, but here's all you need to know! Don't believe me? Ask Google.

So you've packed up your bags and are now in the land of the Royal Family, James Bond, and David Beckham. I assume that you moved here with a job so here's to helping you to decide on where to live.

“Live amongst the rich and famous in Holland Park, celebrity neighbors in Belsize Park, or tennis loving Wimbledon - London has a wide array of choices.”

I guess the first question that you can ask is - what are you? Are you single and looking to mingle, a married couple, a working professional, a student, or a young family? Knowing what you are and your stage of life will help you to decide on where to stay. Budget aside, here's a list of places that I would recommend.


I never had the chance to experience Tinder or Bumble (I heard its fun) but if you are single and looking for a young, vibrant area to live in, #Hackney in East London might be the place for you. #Hackney is home to #Shoreditch with acclaimed cocktail bars, Boxpark, cool pubs, and loads of famous restaurants. Alternatively, you can also chose to live in areas popular with Working Professionals that are close to the City but probably not in #CanaryWharf.

Working Professionals

Most white collar expats in London would either work in the City or in Canary Wharf. If you work in #CanaryWharf you will be spoilt for choice with loads of swanky modern buildings surrounding the area. #Greenwich is also a good option with the benefit of Greenwich Park and the Royal Observatory at your door step!

#Algate is another option that has an easy commute to Greenwich (<20 minutes) and is also within walking distance of the busy Bank Station. There is a mix of modern developments and older apartments but is an extremely convenient option. A massive Asian supermarket has also opened in the vicinity which shows its popularity within the Asian community. While I've never had an issue in that area, note that #Aldgate is next to infamous #Whitechapel which is a little on the rougher side but generally manageable.

#Bermondsey and #TowerBridge are also hip options that are located near London Bridge and its surrounding office buildings. Besides the beautiful view of Tower Bridge, and the River Thames, Borough Market and all its delicious food is just a stone's throw away.

Married Couples / Young Families

#WestHampstead #MaidaVale #Hampstead #BelsizePark #Wimbledon #Dulwich This is a completely bias opinion of where I would stay based on the following factors - greenery, safety, ease of convenience, friendly neighborhood, and good schools. I personally live in one of the above and only look to rent around these areas for the easy commute to work and how comfortable and safe I feel to walk around the streets at any time of the day.

These locations are mostly in South West, West, and North West London. As a general rule of thumb, West London tend to fare better in comparison to East London, and similarly, North London would be preferred over the South. This is probably an unpopular opinion but was generally what I experienced as a foreigner.


Been awhile since I went to school but as a student your options are quite straightforward - live near your school since you've supposedly moved to London to study, or live wherever your budget allows. It may be tempting to stay a little further out to reduce cost but remember to factor in transport cost and the opportunity cost of convenience! Alternatively if your family have deep pockets... live anywhere you want!

London is a wonderful city but like every large city there are always pockets of slightly more rough areas where it wouldn't harm to stay little more alert. Comment and let me know if you would like to see specific area guides. This is meant to be an easy read with suggestions on where you can start looking at. It's always a good idea to visit places that you are interested in during the day, and again at night (to see if the vibes change).

Happy searching!